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Welcome To Texas Chargers, Inc.

2017 Texas Chargers Retreat
November 3 -November 5, 2017
Camp Allen, Navasota Texas

Fultz Fellowship Award Application

In the true form of fellowship, John M. Fultz the grandfather of a child with CHARGE syndrome, would greet Texas Charger Families as they arrived to the conference with a smile and typically a huge hug welcoming families back to the Charge Retreat for 8 years.  John passed away this year and his love and dedication to our families will be missed greatly, but this award is to help carry on that tradition of fellowship. 

The Fultz Fellowship is an award that will be given to selected families in an effort to compensate expenses to attend the National Charge Syndrome Foundation International Conference in the amount of $500.  Applicants must live within the state of Texas and have CHARGE Syndrome or a guardian of an individual with CHARGE syndrome.  Recipients of this Fellowship Award should share the same love and dedication to our charge families as John did.

Please complete the form below and turn in to Doug McLean, by the deadline date of Monday, June 5, 2017.  Contact Doug McLean 512-554-4174 for more info.

Charge Syndrome - Perkins School for the Blind, David Brown

Mission Statement:
Texas Chargers, Inc. encourages, educates, and enriches individuals and families living with CHARGE Syndrome.

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What is CHARGE Syndrome?
"CHARGE syndrome is a recognizable (genetic) pattern of birth defects which occurs in about one in every 9-10,000 births worldwide. It is an extremely complex syndrome, involving extensive medical and physical difficulties that differ from child to child. The vast majority of the time, there is no history of CHARGE syndrome or any other similar conditions in the family. Babies with CHARGE syndrome are often born with life-threatening birth defects, including complex heart defects and breathing problems. They spend many months in the hospital and undergo many surgeries and other treatments. Swallowing and breathing problems make life difficult even when they come home. Most have hearing loss, vision loss, and balance problems which delay their development and communication. All are likely to require medical and educational intervention for many years."  (National Charge Syndrome Foundation website 2012)
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In Memoriam:
Zion Uribe, 2015
Rebeka Morgan Bushnell, 2015
Luke Schulz, 2013
Reedon Clingman, 2013
Jaycee Biscamp, 2012
Lilly Voelkel, 2011

Joceyln Dickson, 2011
Amy Arthur

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The Texas Chargers, Inc. supports the National CHARGE Syndrome Foundation
We would like to thank the National CHARGE Syndrome Foundation for allowing us to link to their website.

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