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2019 National Charge Syndrome Foundation Conference
August 2-5, 2019
Dallas, Texas
Hilton Anatole

Special Offer for Texas Chargers going to National

Fultz Fellowship Application


In the true form of fellowship, John M. Fultz the grandfather of Jadyn Fultz, a child with CHARGE syndrome, would greet Texas Charger Families as they arrived to the conference with a smile and typically a huge hug welcoming families back to the Charge Retreat for 8 years.  John passed away in 2017 and his love and dedication to our families is missed greatly, but this award is to help carry on that tradition of fellowship. 


The Fultz Fellowship is an award that will be given to selected families in an effort to compensate expenses to attend the National Charge Syndrome Foundation International Conference in the amount of $500.  Applicants must live within the state of Texas and have CHARGE Syndrome or a guardian of an individual with CHARGE syndrome.  Recipients of this Fellowship Award should share the same love and dedication to our charge families as John did.

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14th Annual Texas Chargers Retreat

November 6 - November 8, 2020

Camp Allen

Please contact Leigh Fultz 979-595-3659 for any questions.
2020 In State Registration Fee is TBA per family.  This includes grandparents of an individual with CHARGE, parents of an individual with CHARGE, siblings of an individual with CHARGE, one attendant (if needed), and the individual with CHARGE. Families should contact their DARS Rep, local school district, Local Lions Club, Masonic Lodge or may complete the scholarship form located above.

In State Grandparents should register separetly and note they are a grandparent.

Professional Fees: $50 9:30a-12:30pm,  or $200 for the weekend double occupancy, $300 for the weekend single occupancy.  All meals included.

Professionals are encouraged to attend the 2018 Texas CHARGERS Retreat. Doctors, nurses, therapists, politicians, and educators are key parts of the support network for our CHARGE Families and we hope you will attend an learn more about CHARGE Syndrome. This retreat is a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge of CHARGE Syndrome and the challenges faced by CHARGERS and their families. This year's keynote speakers  Chris Montgomery, Education Consultant TSBVI and Matt Schultz, Education Consultant TSBVI.  Topics will include ideas on "interactions" and "transitions".. We hope you will join us!

Professionals are encouraged to attend the 2018 Texas Chargers Retreat.  This years event is surely to be most imformational retreat yet.

Out of State Guests: $200 per person for the weekend (ages 13 and up) (includes all meals dinner on arrival through lunch on departure, activities, and speaker sessions and lodging). Children 3-12 are $50.00 per person for the weekend.  Individuals with CHARGE are $50 for weekend stay.
Please direct registration inquiries to the registrar.
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Post your 2018 Texas Charge Retreat pictures at #txchargers2018
Events of interest:

14th International CHARGE Syndrome Conference
Host: CHARGE Syndrome Foundation
Date: August 1-3, 2019
Location: Hilton Anatole
Dallas, Texas

**Star Charger**

2018 - Taylor Schott

2017 - Sophia Chandy

2016 - Celeste Carr

2015 Trey Lewis

2014 Sarah Castellano

2013 Tiffany Coffer

2012 Robert Kocian

2011 Rachel Gibson

2010 Rachel Allen

2009 Chris Sence

(no picture)
2008 Kayla Ortegon

2007 Dane Roberts


Kate Hurst, Statewide Staff Development Coordinator

Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired

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